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Atrium PictureAttractive health care and commercial facilities create significant economic benefits through a growing referral base, expanding market penetration, and patient and customer population with incremental increase in service-related fees.

Your organization may choose, based on its project objectives, to participate in a percentage of the initial ownership benefits without investment or debt in consideration of its operating lease. 

Leases provide off balance sheet transactions for real estate, preserving the institution's capital and credit lines for higher margin investments.  Leases are structured to address FASB-13 issues. The organization's share of the ownership value can be recognized without corresponding debt of the underlying assets.

Atrium's economic structures represent a positive swing on the organization's financials of many millions of dollars versus owning the project in-house. Atrium will obtain the most aggressive financing vehicle to complement our appealing economic structures.  We have immediate sources of competitive financing through the capital markets.

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