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Fountain PictureAtrium Development, Inc. is an innovative leader in providing total development support to health care and commercial clients. Atrium offers a full range of services required to efficiently plan, design, develop, finance, construct, and manage quality facilities. Atrium's highly respected and creative real estate development and management team brings over 70 years and millions of square feet of combined experience to every project.

Atrium Development brings to the health care and commercial industries a unique way to develop and maintain new health care and commercial facilities that provide a competitive edge - projects that help organizations contain costs and maximize their resources. Through our proven approach, we will customize our development and management support to assist health care and business professionals in developing from concept to completion the exact facility that meets the organization's needs.

Atrium makes new buildings immediately and economically feasible by creating attractive financial opportunities for the commercial and health care organizations and the medical staff. Our innovative and flexible ownership and financing structures yield very appealing economics without the organization's investments or debt.

Whatever the client's development needs, Atrium is with them every step of the way in creating and managing a desirable and flexible facility to assist the organization in reaching its goals. How can your organization respond to the growing demand for additional, more diverse health care or commercial facilities?  It can be done...without the organization's investment or debt, and yet you fully control all aspects of the project.

Atrium Development is a highly respected and innovative real estate development team.  We can add new facilities to meet current needs or to accelerate implementation of the organization's strategic plans for on-campus and/or satellite health care and commercial facilities.

Atrium's broad-based team and proven track record can minimize the time and expense to the institution and its management personnel.  Atrium will provide the required project funds, allowing the institution to keep its capital and credit lines working in its higher yield primary business rather than a non-earning asset like real estate.

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